Grace Hosting Co-ordinators w/c 22nd September

This week

  • Mon 22nd Sept: Katrina – 07927 808 372
  • Tues 23rd Sept: Harriet – 07709446114
  • Weds 24th Sept: Katrina – 07927 808 372
  • Thurs 25th Sept: Katrina – 07927 808 372
  • Friday 26th Sept: Harriet – 07709 446 114

Next Week

  • Monday 29th Sept: Katrina – 07927 808 372
  • Tuesday 30th Sept: Harriet – 07709 446 114
  • Wednesday 1st Oct: Harriet – 07709 446 114
  • Thursday 2nd Oct: Katrina – 07927 808 372
  • Friday 3rd Oct: Katrina – 07927 808 372

To make a referral to Grace Hosting contact one of the referral agencies.

  • Abigail Housing – 07743 189 314
  • Archway – 0113 383 3900
  • Meeting Point – 0113 279 6700
  • PAFRAS – 0113 262 2163
  • Red Cross @ PAFRAS
  • Solace – 0113 249 1437
  • York Street Health Practice – 0113 295 4840

The benefits of volunteering with Grace Hosting

Hi Katrina,

I would like to say on behalf of both of us that we’re so glad we’ve become hosts and although we’ve not done a huge amount yet, we’ve really enjoyed it. It’s such a great way of getting some more understanding about the issues people face whilst doing a little thing to help them, and it just seems so obvious now we’re doing it – why wouldn’t we when we have a spare room sitting there empty?? Anyway, thanks for your support with it and I hope it continues to be successful – we’re really looking forward to meeting lots more interesting people! It certainly helps keep things in perspective when you’ve got someone there who’s slept in a bus shelter a couple of nights before.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you

Volunteer Host

Pregnant women, children and people with disabilities among those living on less than 77p a day

We have all heard stories or know of people who can’t afford a hot meal every day. This is a problem for both British born and refugee people. At least we Brits are able to claim benefits but many refugees can’t unless they agree to return to the country they have fled from in fear of their lives. Find out more about failed asylum seekers living below the poverty line, read the Scottish Poverty Information Unit report.

Richie McAndrew.

Amazing volunteers

What amazing volunteers we have. Shirley has been a volunteer befriender with us for 10 years. In that time she has supported 11 asylum seekers and is still befriending today.

I’m preparing for LASSN agm on 12th October. This year is our 10th anniversary of becoming a registered charity. As I look at the list of volunteers who have worked with us over the years it makes me realise how supportive and generous people are. We have had over 1,000 people volunteer. Vivien volunteered for 9 years and supported 12 families. Sarah started befriended people in 2003 and today is involved in the Grace hosting project providing a bed in her own home for destitute asylum seekers. Irmgard started in 2004 and has taught English to 8 different people. She still teaches three of them. Jackie was involved in setting up LASSN in 1999 and is still a trustee.

Thank you to everyone who has helped LASSN over the years and who has made life better for asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds.

Peter Richardson, Director