English at Home

English at Home helps people learn a skill that is vital for their everyday life.

We support refugees and asylum seekers who, for reasons of caring, disability or gender, are unable to attend classes. Our project develops students’ language skills so that they can cope with everyday life and become empowered. We are committed to promoting cross-cultural friendship and enabling participation in the wider community. It is hoped that some students will go on to further and higher education.

What English at Home means for the student and volunteer tutor

“My name is Sarah. I joined when I returned from a year travelling, during which I had done some English teaching to children in Guatemala, although I had virtually no formal qualifications.

I agreed to [teach] a young Afghani woman. She never had any education in Afghanistan and could not read or write in her own language. Her English was very limited but her daughter was rapidly picking up English which motivated her to want to learn. In view of her background this was quite a challenge to me. However, we did start to make some progress and I started to try to teach her to read. I was always warmly welcomed into the family and looked forward to visiting. I was very pleased when she secured a place at Thomas Danby where she would get more teaching time and the opportunity to mix with other students.

I have benefited greatly from learning about a very different culture and understanding the difficulties faced by refugees. I have found it an interesting challenge to find ways of teaching that are suitable for their┬áparticular circumstances. LASSN provide some very useful training, both in relation to working with refugees in general and teaching in particular, and are always there as support.”

Catherine at desk

LASSN English at Home Manager Catherine


If you want to volunteer to become an English at Home tutor then please contact us on 0113 373 1759 or download our application form.