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Manager: Catherine Tonge
Contact Number: 07927 808375
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What does English at Home project offer?

English at Home helps people to learn a skill that is vital for everyday life.

We support refugees and asylum seekers who, for reasons of caring, health etc. are currently unable to attend classes. We develops students’ language skills so that they can cope with everyday life and become more independent.

We are committed to promoting cross-cultural friendship and enabling participation in the wider community.

We support our students to move on to other learning opportunities eg English classes or vocational qualifications.

For more information download this guide

How do I get an English at Home Tutor?

Get in touch with the English at Home Manager: Catherine Tonge – 07927 808375

She’ll talk things through and work out if this is the right service for you, or the person you’re calling about.

How can I help?

Update, September 2015: English At Home project now has enough volunteers for this year. If you are interested you are welcome to fill in the online application form or get in touch by phone or email and Catherine (Volunteers Manager, English at Home) will get back to you within one week, however you would not be able to train and start volunteering until next year.

English at Home volunteers commit to teaching a one hour weekly lesson for at least six months, there will also be some travel time and a little preparation time (teaching materials are provided). You don’t need qualifications or experience as you’ll receive two days of training, you just need a friendly manner and a genuine interest in teaching English and volunteering with refugees/asylum seekers. We pay travel expenses and you will be well supported.

There are always students waiting for a teacher so we always need volunteers, training takes place every three months.

If you want to volunteer to become an English at Home tutor then please contact the English at Home Manager Catherine Tonge for more information, or complete an application form on our Volunteering page.

We are unable to accept volunteers who solely wish to gain teaching experience, or who need a work placement.


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