Grace Hosting

The Grace Hosting project was previously known as Short Stop.

Why the Grace Hosting project is needed

Many refugees and asylum seekers will experience homelessness at some point.  The Grace Hosting project supports people in this situation.  Grace Hosting volunteers provide a hot meal and a safe place to sleep for people who have nowhere else to turn.

Can You Help?

When Rachel hosted her first destitute asylum seeker, she was “really pleased that I did and was gutted when they left.”

If you have a spare bedroom, some free time in the evening and could occasionally offer someone a place to stay, please consider becoming a Grace Hosting volunteer.  You can apply by completing our host application form.

If you would like to arrange the placement of destitute asylum seeker guests with volunteer hosts, please complete the coordinator application form.


LASSN Grace Hosting Manager Katrina


For further information, contact Katrina on 0113 373 1759 or email






A Little Kindness Makes All the Difference

Senco, a Ugandan refugee, was destitute with nowhere to stay and no money.  Apart from staying at St. George’s Crypt homeless shelter for a couple of nights, he had been sleeping on the streets.

When he stayed with one of our hosts, he was made to feel so welcome it made him cry.  He hadn’t  experienced such kindness before.  He was relieved to be out of the cold and have something to eat.  He was then able to find accommodation with a social housing provider.

Senco is now very settled.  Without Grace Hosting, he would have contemplated suicide.