Our Mission Statement & Values

Our Vision 

Asylum seekers and refugees will be safe, respected, supported and empowered to rebuild their lives free of persecution.

Our Mission 

LASSN will meet the needs of refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds and will raise awareness of issues facing refugees and asylum seekers.

Our Objectives

LASSN wants asylum seekers and refugees to be

  • Supported and relieved from hardship and distress by local people
  • Empowered to rebuild their lives, to fulfil their potential and to take control of their lives
  • Integrated settled and safe. LASSN wants Leeds to be a place of  welcome and understanding; and for the general public, organisations, politicians and policy makers to understand the needs of asylum seekers

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Our Values or ways of working

  • is Respectful of the contribution asylum seekers and refugees make to both LASSN, Leeds and the UK as a whole
  • is Informed and based on what asylum seekers and refugees say they want and value
  • is Empowering of both refugees and asylum seekers, and local people to help and support them
  • is based on Partnership – we seek good relationships with other organisations so that asylum seekers and refugees can access the kind of help and support they want and need
  • sees Volunteers as vital to effective work with asylum seekers and refugees, and recognises how much they benefit from their interaction with refugees and asylum seekers

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