Our People

LASSN are not just the 7 part-time members of staff.

We are the 275 volunteers who support the 990 refugees and asylum seekers LASSN helped last year.

We are the 883 Friends of LASSN who subscribe to our newsletter, and who tell others about what we do, the difference we make – with our families and friends, and people we work, worship and study with.

We are the 75 individual donors who gave regular amounts last year, and the many hundreds more who run gigs and fundraisers for us, hold coffee mornings, rattle tins, run marathons, go on bike rides, lose weight and everyone who has helped us over the last decade and a half.

We are the 45 members who attend our AGM and who elect our Board.

Our Staff

  • Befriending Volunteers Manager – Iona Lyons
  • Connecting Opportunities: Integration and Employment Volunteers Manager – Fidelis Chebe
  • English At Home Volunteers Manager – Tina Brocklebank
  • English At Home Volunteers Manager – David Skivington
  • Grace Hosting Volunteers Manager – Jo Carter
  • Admin and Finance Officer  – Andrew Crossley  
  • Director – Jon Beech

Our Board of Trustees

  • Janice Gwilliam (chair) – [email protected] elected Jan 15, elected Chair Sep 16
  • Katherine Wyatt (Vice Chair)- elected October 17
  • Adrian Cudby (Treasurer) – elected October 17
  • Bill Urry – elected September 16
  • Dee Marshall – elected October 17
  • Ray Castle – elected October 17
  • Jonathan Long – elected October 17
  • Noel Nowosielski – elected October 17
  • Peter Cummings – elected October 17
  • Guilaine Brutus – elected October 17

Our organisational structure (July 2017)

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