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The Immigration Act, Bank Accounts & Refugees – Training resources

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Opening a bank account can be difficult  - if not impossible - for many refugees and asylum seekers. The Immigration Act and new European Anti Money Laundering directives are going to make this even harder. This short course was written to help people who support refugees and asylum seekers to understand more about why this is, and to provide some practical steps to help them. You can download all the materials from here 

Community Sponsorship: a new Resettlement Scheme for Refugee Families

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2018-11-09T13:44:44+00:0021st July, 2016|Categories: Refugee|Tags: , , |

On 19th July 2016, Amber Rudd, the new Home Secretary announced the launch of a Community Sponsorship Resettlement Scheme for refugee families. The scheme aims to open up a new resettlement route for refugee families to settle in the UK, and is based on community organisations taking on the responsibility for planning and paying for and arranging the wrap-around resettlement of a refugee family. Additional guidance for people wishing to find out more about Community Sponsorship can be found here. To be successful, the scheme (and sponsors) will rely on the active support of the Local Authority and advice of the Regional Strategic Migration Partnership. Although this initiative has been announced, the fine detail has yet to be worked out, and Leeds City Council and Migration Yorkshire (the Regional Strategic Migration Partnership) are still working out how this scheme might work in Leeds. LASSN works closely with both Leeds City Council and Migration Yorkshire and we share a common aim of involving people and communities directly in the welcome and resettlement of refugees in Leeds. LASSN would like to see an increase in the number of refugees resettled in Leeds, and will continue to encourage our partners to support this. For the time being, we're seeing how things work out, and we will keep you posted on developments. If you wish to get involved in this scheme, you could follow the instructions in the guidance above and contact Migration Yorkshire for more details.  However, we will update our information as soon as we have more details to share. 

LASSN appear on Made in Leeds TV

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2016-03-29T15:01:13+01:008th December, 2015|Categories: Asylum, Destitution, One World Leeds, Refugee|

On December 2nd 2015, LASSN were invited to take part in a local TV discussion on Made in Leeds TV. Jon, the LASSN director, joined Lorn Gledhill from Regional Asylum Activism and Ali Mahgoub from the Leeds Refugee Forum in discussing the impact of refugee settlement on Leeds, and the impact of Leeds on resettled refugees. The programme is in 2  parts, and is well worth a look. Part 1 Part 2

#refugeeswelcome – the Public Meeting at West Yorkshire Playhouse, 15th September 2015

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2018-11-09T13:43:47+00:0018th September, 2015|Categories: Asylum, Headline posts, Refugee, Volunteering|

On Tuesday night, a couple of hundred citizens of Leeds pitched up to the West Yorkshire Playhouse to find out how they could respond to the Refugee Crisis unfolding in Europe. The event was organised by Leeds City of Sanctuary, with help fromTogether for Peace, Migration Yorkshire and  Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network. The focus of the meeting, was on helping turn concern into action, and to help people find the most practical and useful ways of helping out. Although Leeds has not yet seen an increase in the number of asylum seekers and refugees resulting from the current crisis, we are already home to people from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and many other countries from across the world. Many families are struggling with reduced financial support, and some are even having to sleep rough. After Ed Carlisle briefly set the international and local scene, Aster went on to speak movingly of her passage into the UK, and the reception she received when she arrived. The big group then split down into smaller workshops – themed around activism, campaigning, teaching english, collecting things, volunteering, arts and faith, health and other topics. The aim of each group was to help people find a way of helping out that suited their skills and interests. We hope each of those groups will feed back and give us updates on their progress. Many thanks to West Yorkshire Playhouse – the world’s first Theatre of Sanctuary – who also offered participants discounted tickets for that night’s performance of The Glass Menagerie. That same evening, Leeds City council announced their intention to help resettle 200 refugees over the next 2 years, and to ensure third sector organisations supporting refugees and asylum seekers receive money to safeguard their essential services.

New Edition of One World Leeds

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2018-11-09T11:16:03+00:005th November, 2014|Categories: Asylum, Headline posts, One World Leeds, Press Gang, Refugee|

The Winter 2014 Edition of One World Leeds is out - our first one since the launch of the website - featuring prize winning entries to the "Bringing the World to Leeds" Photo competition. It collects the very best articles from the website, including Are politicians scared to debate immigration? No Laughing Matter – LASSN and the Daily Mail Speaking Out in a Kingdom of Silence: Syria Missing my Friend From Leeds to Syria Reaching out to LGBTi Asylum seekers Taking Refugees to the Opera Is love a Human Right? Cross examined and intimidated As usual, copies of the magazine will be distributed across the City . Let us know if you would like copies of your school, church, work or shop

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