English at Home – The difference it makes

Arwa’s story

When Arwa started learning English with us, she was very shy and nervous. It took a long time before she felt confident speaking up in lessons with her tutor. English at Home was her first experience of education since leaving primary school in her home country at 11 years old. 

After a while, her tutor suggested that she start attending a free ESOL class in a nearby community centre. Arwa gave it a try, but soon stopped going. She often had difficulties with childcare, and she found the mixed level class quite intimidating. She also said that she felt guilty going out to classes, leaving the housework undone.

Fast forward to a year later, during an English at Home review: completely by coincidence, Arwa receives a text message from Leeds City College offering her a place on an ESOL course. We ask Arwa whether she will take up the offer. Arwa replies “Laundry? Pah! Cleaning? Pah! My husband will pick up the kids. I’m going to college!”

Achievements in 2016/17

  • In 2016/17, tailored English lessons were delivered to 161 people from who would otherwise be excluded from learning English because of caring responsibilities and/or health problems by 104 tutors. .
  • LASSN tutors helped 8 people to successfully take up college courses
  • The evidence provided by regular progress demonstrates an increase in the level of confidence, with nearly all clients reporting that they now used English much more outside the home.

Download a full Evaluation of English at Home 2013 – 16

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