English at Home – The difference it makes

Aissatou’s story

In the 18 months that we have known Aissatou, the improvement in English language skills, confidence and the ability to run her own life have been immense.

Through carefully planned home lessons and doggedly using English at every opportunity, she is now able to do everything by herself. This includes medical appointments and arranging nursery places for her children, but also those everyday transactions which we take for granted; understanding and paying bills, dealing with her housing provider, chatting to neighbours.

In September, she started ESOL classes at college at quite a high level, and we’re confident that she will settle into college very easily thanks to her home lessons. Within a few years Aissatou should be well on her way to achieving her ambition of completing her Pharmacist training so that she can practice her profession in the UK. Without the help of English at Home, this goal would have been a very long way off indeed.

Achievements in 2016/17

  • In 2016/17, tailored English lessons were delivered to 161 people from who would otherwise be excluded from learning English because of caring responsibilities and/or health problems by 104 tutors. .
  • LASSN tutors helped 8 people to successfully take up college courses
  • The evidence provided by regular progress demonstrates an increase in the level of confidence, with nearly all clients reporting that they now used English much more outside the home.

Download a full Evaluation of English at Home 2013 – 16

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