LASSN Hosts offer accommodation to

  • asylum seekers living in Leeds, whose claims have been refused, and who have been made homeless and destitute*; and
  • refugees (people who have had their asylum applications accepted) who have previously lived in Leeds, but who have not yet been able to sort out accommodation for themselves

Volunteer Hosts 

If you’re considering becoming a Host, here’s a short written introduction, which explains the role in a little more detail.

Here’s a short film, made by one of our Guests which explores the hosting experiences of two households.

We are currently not recruiting Volunteer Hosts 19th March 2020

This is what Rob, one of our volunteers has to say about Hosting with LASSN.

Finally, listen to Ed speaking about his experience of hosting on BBC Radio Leeds in September 2015

We are currently not recruiting Hosts 19th March 2020


Volunteer Coordinators

Not everyone can help by opening their homes. But you could still help by becoming a coordinator – someone who helps match Guests with Hosts. people who help link Hosts with people looking for accommodation. If you can spare a few hours during the day on a regular basis, and have access to a telephone and PC, please consider volunteering as a Grace host Coordinator.

You can read more about the Coordinator role here.

We are currently not recruiting coordinators 19th March 2020

If you live outside of Leeds and are interested in Hosting, please visit the NACCOM website to find your nearest Hosting project

*In the case of refused asylum seekers, our aim is usually to provide accommodation whilst they get help to apply for financial and/or housing support or putting in a fresh claim.

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