When Leeds exits Lockdown 2.0 later this week, we will enter Tier Three or Very High Alert.

Leeds City Council have published a detailed description of the restrictions in place, based on the National Guidance. They have also circulated a summary note here  for third sector organisations.

In most respects, the local restrictions will go back to the way things were at the end of September 2020 – LASSN’s guidance to volunteers remains unchanged to the guidance we issued then.

LASSN’s advice is

  • Please do not meet up with the person you are matched with until the restrictions are lifted.
  • Please maintain contact with the person you support by phone or by computer
  • Please make sure they are getting the money available from LASSN to help with communications costs
  • If you have worries or concerns about the person you are matched with, or think there is a need to see them face to face, please discuss this with your Volunteers Manager or the Director ASAP. All our numbers and emails are on lassn.org.uk/contact

Some Leeds organisations like PAFRAS, Meeting Point and RETAS are partially open for face to face contact. We support them in opening to deliver their critical services.

We remain acutely aware of the risks our volunteers and clients may pose to one another, as well as the difficulty and sadness brought about by sustained isolation and loneliness.  As a staff team we are also very frustrated by the inability to see or meet people. We are trying to strike a difficult balance, which does not amplify the risks faced by anyone connected with LASSN.

LASSN will be providing all clients (and volunteers) with double phone credit for December 2020 (£20 instead of £10) to reflect the need to stay in touch with others over this difficult period. This is sufficient for unlimited PAYGO phonecalls, texts and data.

I am sorry that the end of lockdown will not result in a change to our guidance, or allow for greater opportunities to meet face to face. I know a lot of you will feel frustrated and let down by this. But I feel sure that when Leeds enters Tier two (and eventually Tier one and No Tier whatsoever) that we be in a position to start facilitating face to face meetings once again – and will issue new guidance as quickly as we can.

Thanks once again for your continued support and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, queries or comments. We hope you and those close to you remain safe and well


Jon, Director 07845 298047 [email protected]

(and Anna, Andrew, David, Emily, Hala, Jo, Rawand, and Tina too.)