Our Work

Befriending, English at Home and Grace Hosting are vital to what we do, but LASSN’s work is much much more than the projects we deliver.

At its heart, LASSN is about the relationships and the connections we nurture between the people of Leeds: between people who are settled, and people who have just arrived.

Our work is about sharing a welcome, and extending kindness and care to people who are having a tough time. We give permission for people to show friendship and solidarity, to challenge the myths and the stereotypes that surround them; and hold on to the hope that tomorrow can be different from today.

Our Impact

LASSN is committed to demonstrating the impact we have, and how our beneficiaries and funders can see the difference we make to people’s lives.

We want to be judged against how well we measure up against put our three key objectives. 

 LASSN wants refugees and asylum seekers to be supported & relieved from hardship & distress by local people

  • 288 asylum seekers and refugees received one to one support from LASSN. If we count the total number of children and dependents in these households, LASSN supported a further 366 people (a total of 654)
  • 2876 nights of accommodation were provided by Grace Hosts to 89 guests
  • 303 people volunteered with LASSN
  • £5,600 was distributed in hardship grants to 63 households

LASSN wants refugees and asylum seekers to be empowered to rebuild their lives, to fulfil their potential & to take control of their lives

  • 1655 hours of lessons were delivered to 140 English at Home students
  • Befriending meant that this year, 54 people reported a significant increase in their emotional wellbeing, and 45 people reported stronger social networks
  • 11 English at Home students successfully enrolled on a college ESOL course, and 15 now attend weekly free classes outside their homes

LASSN wants refugees and asylum seekers to be integrated settled & safe. LASSN wants Leeds to be a place of welcome & understanding & for the general public, organisations, politicians & policy makers to understand the needs of asylum seekers

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