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Jon Beech Staff asked 2 years ago

We don’t want to set too many rules beyond “be considerate, be kind, and always respect people’s confidentiality” – but realise you may want a few more pointers than that.

Rules are in bold, the rest are suggestions to help the boards run smoothly.

Please do not

  • Post people’s names, mobile numbers, or other info that allows them to be identified.
  • Use the boards to criticize or offer judgement on other people’s opinions. If you think someone has said something out of order, report the post and a moderator will sort it.
  • Post urgent queries. If you need to find something out urgently, give us a ring or send an email.

On a more positive note, we’d love you to

  • Use the search box before you ask. It may be someone else has already asked/answered that question. Repeat questions will be deleted.
  • Keep your question as simple as you can: phrase your question directly. You can always give more detail in the text box below.
  • If you have three questions, post three separate questions. It’ll be easier for people to answer one question at a time.
  • Tag your posts – this may feel like a faff – but it will help people find your question, and your answers.
  • Vote on answers you think are good. The ones with the most votes rise to the top
  • Share resources you think are helpful.
  • Check in regularly to see what people are asking, and offer answers. The busier the boards get, the more likely people are to use them.

Thanks – and we hope you find what you are looking for

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