Setting up a LASSN-like scheme

LASSN has been running since 1991. Our Befriending and English at Home schemes started very early on, and Grace Hosting has been running since 2003.

Over the years we have developed some resources that may be helpful if you’re thinking of setting up projects of your own.

There’s no “correct” way of setting up a Hosting scheme, or teaching people English at Home, or offering Befriending support – other than making sure it’s what people want, someone else isn’t doing it already, everyone is safe and supported, and that it’s produced in collaboration with the people it’s designed to help.

Our best advice if you’re thinking of setting up a Hosting scheme is to contact NACCOM – the No Accommodation Network. They have loads of information and will probably link you with other people who’ve faced similar challenges.

Here’s a list of resources that you might find helpful, for each of our projects

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