Here are a selection of ESOL readers from Learning Unlimited. They have many wonderful resources which are well worth checking out. One of our fantastic volunteers has created a number of videos with the image from the pages while reading the story. We hope that these can be shared with your learner so they can read along with the book and answer the questions at the end. The book and answers can then be discussed in your session together. These are currently being created and we will add many more soon.

Doing the Right Thing – Entry Level 1

A Love Story – Entry Level 1

Bad Hair Days! – Entry Level 1

My Friend Patrick – Entry Level 1

The Party – Entry Level 1

Priority Seat – Entry Level 2+

Mind Your Language! – Entry Level 2+

Braids and Birds – Entry Level 2+

What’s Wrong with Me? – Entry Level 2+

My Bilingual Children – Entry Level 2+

The Biggest Love in the World – Entry Level 2+

New School Clothes – Entry Level 2+