Catherine – my new job #6

I had a fascinating meeting with Mary at Refugee Action Leeds today. I had also been aware that they were involved in Assisted Voluntary Return but learning the detail of the project was really interesting. I think it’s a shame that so many people are sceptical about AVR as this is a great scheme that is suitable for many people. I realised this several years ago when I helped a woman who had actually never intended coming to the UK in the first place (she thought she was being taken to her capital city), was terribly homesick and who had reached the end of the legal process a long time previously.

At the end of the day I went to review a student whose teacher had left a little while ago and wanted a new one. It seemed after several knocks and a phone call that there was no one in, so I walked down the street feeling slightly confused only to have my call returned and find that they were in after all. I had been a little early and I think they had been eating their tea! The student had made great progress and was keen to be matched with another teacher. I then got talking to her husband, who it turned out would also really benefit from a teacher. So I assessed him as well (note to self – always carry spare assessment pack!). He was a much higher level so will need to be taught separately.