We think everyone has a part to play in helping people feel welcome, especially children and young people

It’s really hard when you are the new person at school, and even harder if you don’t speak English very well.

Here’s a video with 10 ways you can help someone feel welcome, and to feel at home.


There are loads of good online resources out there -and these are just a few of them that we particularly like


Refugee republic – Find out what it’s like to live in an Iraqi refugee camp by taking this virtual tour

Against All Odds

Against All Odds – an online game which lets you experience what life is like as a refugee

Syrian Journey

Syrian Journey – choose your own escape route – Escaping from Syria isn’t easy. There are some hard choices to be made along the way. Can you make it safely?

Seeking Refuge

Seeking refuge – a series of short animations by the BBC telling the true life stories of refugee children