We are regularly asked for reliable statistical data on the numbers of refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds, the UK and beyond.

Because the numbers change so rapidly, we think it’s more helpful to show you where we look for accurate information.


The best local statistics come from Migration Yorkshire. As well as curating a variety of Interactive Migration Data Dashboards, they also conduct local research projects on things like the impact of weather on integration or local attitudes to Migration:


The Refugee Council’s Briefing Papers – especially the Asylum Statistics and Asylum facts pages  – are where we go for a slightly more accessible version of the Home Office numbers.


The Migration Observatory are good at allowing you compare UK data to the rest of Europe.


The United Nations High Commission for Refugees remains the definitive source of info on Global Trends and is as thorough and comprehensive as you’d expect it to be.

Here’s a 6 minute film, summarising their most recent Global Trends report into forced migration and asylum.

Do you know of interesting sources of information? Do let us,know in the comments section below, and if we like them, we’ll put them in the main post.

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