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Many refugees and asylum seekers will experience homelessness at some point. The Grace Hosting project supports people in this situation. Grace Hosting volunteers provide a hot meal and a safe place to sleep for people who have nowhere else to turn.

English at Home helps people learn a skill that is vital for their everyday life. We support asylum seekers and refugees who can’t access mainstream ESOL classes because of caring responsibilities, difficulties with transport or other reasons. Tutors provide one to one lessons so that students can become more independent and confident on paper and in person.

Volunteer Befrienders build trust by forging a relationship through by meeting up for a few hours each week for at least six months. Asylum seekers and refugees typically need help with settling in Leeds, integrating into the local community, accessing services and overcoming the stress caused by both past trauma and the asylum process.

English at Home is not just about people learning words and phrases: it’s about re-building the confidence that the asylum process knocks out of people, and equipping them to take greater control of their lives.


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