Great need for volunteers with language skills

Meet and Travel Together requires volunteers with at least a medium grasp of English who are also capable of conversing in one or more other languages.  This project helps newly arrived asylum seekers find certain government buildings in Leeds and provides moral support during the journey.

You can find out more about the project here :

We are seeking speakers of all languages, however of great need at the moment are the following –

Farsi, Arabic, and Urdu.

It will only take a small amount of time every month to help make a wonderful difference to someone’s day, so if you can speak these or any other languages please get in touch with Matthew Neill to talk further about how it all works –



Volunteer wanted to help with on-line database

For many years LASSN has produced a Directory of Services in Leeds for Asylum Seekers and refugees – see Directory

We’d like to turn the directory into an online resource. Having  updated our website to use WordPres we now have the capabilities we need. The problem is that we need someone with the know-how to transform the directory from the old paper/Access Database version into a searchable/printable online directory.

If you can help with this then please get in touch.