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9400ed60-1a0d-455a-bf2e-889cc9c25deb-2060x1236There’s been a lot of interest in what we do over the last few days. We haven’t always been able to say “yes” to requests from journalists, but we’ve done the best we can.

Here’s a feature from The Guardian on Tuesday 8th September
, featuring Yoshiko and Jack, and Lois and Kirsty, talking about their experiences of Hosting.


And here’s Ed Carlisle on BBC Radio Leeds talking about his experiences as a Grace host.

Piece in the Guardian on “How do I offer a room in my house to a refugee…” 11th September 2015

Thanks to all our supporters and volunteers who’ve been willing to go on air, and the TV to talk about their experiences.  We don’t have recordings/clippings for everyone, but please send them in if you find any more…

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