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Learn My Way – Managing Your Health Online

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2024-07-04T13:02:53+01:004th July, 2024|

Lessons with videos on all aspects of health related issues online including booking a GP appointment, managing repeat prescriptions and registering for a GP. Will need to register for free access to the resources.

Skilled for Health Resources

2024-03-08T16:47:55+00:005th January, 2024|

A brilliant set of resources called Skilled for Health by Reaching People. The website covers the following topics- Healthy Food and Drink, Physical Activity, Smoking, Alcohol, Mental Well Being, Oral Health, Staying Safe, What to do in an Emergency, NHS Support, GP and Local Primary Care Services, Making Decisions about Your Health and Looking After Yourself.

ESOL for Health

2024-01-04T15:58:59+00:004th January, 2024|

This resource contains 6 units around health and includes work sheets for each. The topics are- Body Parts, Minor Health Issues and the Pharmacy, Health Issues to tell a Doctor, Registering at a Clinic, Making an Appointment at a Clinic and Questions from a Doctor or Nurse.

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