In this section we have some very practical guidance on getting started with teaching remotely. This will obviously vary quite a lot depending on the technology available to you and your learner, but will hopefully give some ideas which can be adapted to suit the mode that you use.

Using online communication with low level learners

An extremely useful video created for us by Daniela Prataviera from MDA College. There is a great deal of information on choosing the right platform to teach, getting your learner online, building rapport, useful exercises and increasing interaction in sessions. Well worth a watch before you get started (or even a watch for ideas if you already have!).

Basic instructions for people who are new to Zoom

Zoom seems to have become one of the most used platforms for online lessons. This very simple guide talks you through how to get set up and perform all the basic tasks. However, it does not explain how to set up a meeting, so if you need this function, you will need to see the How to set up a Zoom meeting tile.

Zoom instructions for Arabic speakers

A great resource if your learner is an Arabic speaker and need support to get started on Zoom. We hope this will be available in other languages soon.

How to set up a Zoom meeting

There are many tutorials on how to set up a Zoom meeting. We found this one particularly helpful and easy to use, clearly showing how to perform each function.