Safeguarding at LASSN

LASSN has made some changes to the way we help everyone to remain safe and well when working with us.

Volunteering is a key part of how we reduce the risks in people’s lives, by increasing their connections, building confidence, and giving them choices.

We’re keen to support our volunteers’ efforts with clear guidance and processes which support your work. Over the last year, we’ve reviewed our existing policies to ensure they are up to date, and in line with best practice. 

We’re not making these changes in response to any serious safeguarding concerns or incidents, but because we regularly review the way we work to ensure we’re doing the very best we can.

Here’s a summary of these changes

Staying Safe Project Summaries
Each Volunteer Manager has produced a summary for the Project they manage, (Befriending, English at Home, Grace Hosting) saying how they will keep people safe, and put our policies into practice.

Updated Safeguarding Adults and Safeguarding Children Policies
Each of these Policies has been rewritten in light of legal changes, and changes to local guidance – but the basic advice remains the same:

  • everyone should be aware of the possibility of abuse, and
  • if you suspect something, always discuss this with someone at LASSN who will help to work out what should happen next

All staff and volunteers will have these explained during their induction and training, and we’ll offer ongoing training for all staff and volunteers.

Revised procedures for recruiting Volunteers

We’ll be taking a more consistent approach to the questions we ask when interviewing prospective volunteers, and the way in which we take up references. We’ll also complete Basic Disclosures for all staff and volunteers – including Grace Hosts and Coordinators –  and update these every 2 years, on a rolling programme.

A detailed explanation of why we are moving from DBS checks to Basic Disclosures can be found on the Basic Disclosures Info Sheet. Basic disclosures will only show details of unspent offences.

Volunteer Social Media Guidelines
These have been produced in response to requests from volunteers for guidance in this area. They’re intended to be simple, straightforward, and easy to follow.

A Volunteer Problem Solving Procedure
We’ve produced a clear process of how we’ll try and resolve difficulties which may arise in the course of your volunteering with LASSN. We’ve not had one of these before, and although it’s what you’d probably expect, it felt important to write this down.

Staff and trustees are pleased to have adopted these policies, which will help to keep LASSN a safe place to volunteer, and provide the people we support with reassurance of our shared commitment to their welfare and security.  We’ll ensure that our training for volunteers covers all relevant aspects of these policies, and we’ll be happy to explain or talk things through further if things are not clear.

All of the documents referred to in this email can be found in the Volunteer Information Pack .

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Volunteers Manager, or with me, if you wish to discuss any of this. We will be happy to hear your feedback and comments, and thank you for your continued hard work and support.

Thank you once again

Director, 07845 298047


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