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We’re recruiting volunteer English Tutors again (at last)

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2018-11-09T13:47:58+00:0010th February, 2017|Categories: English at Home, Projects, Training, Volunteering|Tags: , , |

After almost 9 months, we're finally in a position to recruit new volunteers to our English at Home project. In exchange for a commitment of 6 months , we offer full training and support to enable you to share the gift of communication with someone who can't access mainstream ESOL classes. It's a challenge, but it's also a lot of fun, and equips people with an invaluable tool that will help them to take control of their situation, and to contribute to life in their new City. If you want to find out more, please visit our Volunteer page for more info, and to complete an application form

NEW: LASSN English Teaching resources online

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2019-12-06T10:58:02+00:0014th June, 2016|Categories: English at Home, Resouces, Resources, Volunteering|Tags: , , , |

We've decided to open up all our online resources for teaching English to anyone that wants them: more than 800 different teaching resources*. We usually recommend to our Volunteers that they speak with the English at Home Volunteers manager before using them - to make sure that they're suitable - but they're now completely available to anyone who wants them. Written resources: In addition, we have revised and updated our list of online ESOL resources and published a list of local ESOL classes. The expanded and updated Learning English Leeds website [] is due to be updated in late June 2016, so we're hopeful this will be the last time we need to publish this. *Please note - although we produced many of these, we didn't produce all of them ;o)  

English at Home: an evaluation of 2013 – 2016

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2016-11-29T11:23:40+00:0031st May, 2016|Categories: English at Home|Tags: , |

In April 2016, Catherine Tonge completed an evaluation of English at Home, drawing on the experiences of learners, volunteers, and partner agencies. The difference English at Home makes The number of clients and volunteers have increased year on year, and the project has now reached capacity: the Volunteers Manager cannot support more than 70 matches at any one time, on 30 hours a week. To clients Over the last three years 215 asylum seekers and refugees who were excluded from other English classes have improved their English through contact with English at Home. They have learned at their own pace in a safe environment. They have learned the English that they want to learn. They have improved their level of English, increased in confidence and been able to use English outside the home to manage their everyday lives. Over 40 have moved on to English classes. To volunteers Over 200 volunteers have been well trained and supported to teach informal English lessons. They have found the experience rewarding and enjoyed forming relationships with people they would otherwise never have met. They have helped and assisted clients with more than the learning of English – they have provided them with knowledge and understanding of British culture and life in Leeds. Many have made lasting friendships. To referrers Over 40 organisations have been able to refer clients who could not access English lessons in any other way. They understand the enormous value of learning English to their clients and are clear about what the service offers. You can read the full report here Many thanks to everyone involved for helping to make this project such a success, and the for the enormous difference you have made to the lives of asylum seekers and refugees living in Leeds.

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