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LASSN is committed to providing information on and raising awareness of asylum issues to the wider public.

We believe in the power of stories to make sense of an unsettling and frightening world, to change people’s minds, and to make the impact of complex global issues real and accessible.

This work can take many forms – but here are some examples from 2019/20

Creating Online Resources tells the story of LASSN and reaches about 17,000 different people each year. is an online directory of groups and services offering free help to asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds – reaching 11,000 people is a blog covering local issues of asylum, refuge and wider migration that which has 15,000 regular users and got 91,000 hits last year

Using Social Media

We use our Facebook Page to reach beyond our volunteers and members, to bring news of LASSN and the difference we make to new audiences. Our page has been liked 2000 times.

We use our Twitter Page to share daily news with our 1700 followers.

We produce a quarterly Newsletter called Friends of LASSN to keep our supporters and funders informed of developments across the organisation, and the impact we are having more widely.

Advocacy and Campaigning

In January 2018 we ran an extremely successful campaign to raise awareness of Grace Hosting, gaining coverage across a wide variety of local and regional media, as well as in the House of Commons. You can read more about this here.

LASSN is proud of the support it lends to a number of campaigns such as

  • Lift the Ban – The Campaign to allow asylum seekers the right to work
  • City of Sanctuary – City of Sanctuary is a movement to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK
  • The Justice Alliance – Campaigning to uphold access to Legal Aid for all
  • The Birmingham Declaration – A statement of principles we share with 250 other organisations working with refugees and asylum seekers, outlining the way we believe asylum seekers and refugees should be treated in the UK

Sharing Our Values

We share all of our policies, procedures and training materials free of charge, so that anyone can use or adapt them. In 2019/20 we added even more ESOL teaching resources to our web pages, that anyone can use, as well as our evaluation of our Befriending project

We encourage people to take or adapt the information from the websites we maintain, because we think it’s nice to share.

We collaborate with Academics to help them meet and connect with asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants, as part of their research

We deliver talks and presentations to help spread understanding of asylum issues – like the talks we gave at Headingley Festival Ideas, the sessions we led on Migrant Families Under Pressure for social care students at Leeds Trinity University, and the discussions following the screening of the film Iuventa at Hyde Park Picture House/Leeds University.

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