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LASSN is committed to providing information on and raising awareness of asylum issues to the wider public.

We believe in the power of stories to make sense of an unsettling and frightening world, to change people’s minds, and to make the impact of complex global issues real and accessible.

This work can take many forms – but here are some examples from 2016/17

  • We lobby Government and submit evidence to help improve the situation of refugee and asylum seekers
  • We appear in the local and international media, commenting on issues, and trying to make sure voices of experience are part of the discussion 
  • We give talks and host discussions of asylum and migration issues, at community groups, places of worship and in schools and colleges – here’s the presentation on Migrant Families Under Pressure that we we did for social care students at Leeds Trinity in May 2017 
  • We collaborate with Journalism and Media students, to help broaden their understanding of the issues, and challenge misconceptions – here’s the presentation we delivered to journalism Students at Leeds Beckett University in March 2017 on Media Bias in the reporting of Asylum and Migration issues 
  • We produced a page of resources aimed at young people, to enable them to better understand issues around asylum and refuge
  • We spoke at Political party meetings and conferences – here’s what we talked about the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference fringe in March 2017
  • We run a website called, a multi-author blog, where people who live or find themselves in Leeds talk about issues of migration and immigration
  • We help to organise and co-ordinate refugee and asylum work across the sector by supporting the website of the Leeds Migration Partnership and running a newsletter/blog of local information relating to asylum and migration
  • We’re really active on Facebook – sharing stories of what we do, and more importantly, trying to provide a balance to the nonsense we often here in the media
  • We run – a directory of free services for asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds

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