Refugees perform random acts of kindness

Rosa and other Leeds refugees and asylum seekers making friendship flower pots

Refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds have made flower pots to give to friends, neighbours and complete strangers as a “random act of kindness”.

Each pot was hand decorated with a message of friendship, planted with spring bulbs, and then handed out across the city. The pots were made at the Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network’s annual celebration which was held at All Hallow’s Church in Leeds.

Over the last year, LASSN volunteers have supported asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds to learn English, find somewhere to stay, and make friends in the community. The annual general meeting celebrated the different ways of welcoming asylum seekers and refugees to the city.

Jon Beech, the Director of LASSN said, “International events can be overwhelming but we’ve seen that simple acts of kindness can make the world of difference to someone who’s come here seeking safety”.

Pete Tatham from the Leeds gardening charity Hyde Park Source, which helped refugees and volunteers with the project said, “It’s inspiring to see how ordinary people have changed the lives of asylum seekers and refugees for the better. When these ‘little pots of welcome’ flower in the spring, we’ll be reminded of the friendship and kindness we’ve seen here today”.

Rosa, an asylum seeker from Albania said “The volunteer from LASSN helping me is very kind. I want to share the kindness and make other people happy too”.

A young asylum seeker with her friendship flower pot



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