Teaching Resources (Documents)

All of the following resources have been developed by our English at Home project.

Lesson record sheet [doc]

English at Home example lesson plan 1 – Beginner [doc]

Numbers worksheet to go with Beginner lesson plan [doc]

English at Home example lesson plan 2 – Mid Level [doc]

Basic role play lesson [doc]

A guide to teaching pronunciation [doc]

Language experience guide [doc]

Teaching Reading to students with low literacy [doc]

Teaching sentence structure [doc]

Spelling guide [doc]

Ideas for free writing [doc]

Health one – parts of the body [doc]

Health three – making a GP appointment [doc]

Health two – symptoms and illnesses [doc]

We’re very sorry, but the additional resources which were posted here have been removed at the request of the author. Please contact the office if you wish to access any of these.   17/8/16

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